Lanson Champagne

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Lanson Champagnes are characterized by their vibrant freshness, crisp acidity, and refined flavors. They often exhibit a delicate balance between fruitiness and complexity, with notes of citrus, apple, brioche, and toasted nuts.

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Lanson Champagne is a prestigious and renowned Champagne produced by the Maison Lanson, a historic Champagne house founded in 1760 in Reims, France. Lanson is known for its dedication to traditional winemaking methods, ensuring the production of high-quality and elegant sparkling wines. Lanson wines are crafted with a longer aging period, allowing them to develop a distinctive character and a fine, persistent mousse. Whether it’s their non-vintage, vintage, or prestige cuvées, Lanson wines are celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship and ability to bring joy and celebration to any occasion.


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