Full Site Editor

Customize your whole website design directly from the Front-End and build something magical. Change your site layout and add blocks/patterns directly on the site whilst working on the page content. Super easy to create dynamic content!

Fully Responsive

Truly distinctive and powerful feel to your website pages. Another great feat is that they will look equally impactful across every device type & screen size imaginable.

Custom Blocks

Pentatonic Pro brings new custom dynamic blocks for more flexibility. Build your unique website with Pentatonic Pro Custom Blocks that are fully customizable and absolutely responsive. Blocks, blocks, and more blocks!

Multiple Block Patterns

No need to start from scratch! Get 40+ Beautiful Pre-Designed Block Patterns exclusively with the Pentatonic Pro to build elegant and creative designs and layouts for your posts/pages/custom post types. Build Gracefully!

Supports Block-Based WP Themes

Make sure you have a block-based WordPress theme installed and activated to fully benefit from the Pentatonic Pro. Pentatonic Pro only supports and works like magic with Block-Based WordPress Themes that are completely built using blocks.

Other General Features


Light Weight

Pentatonic Pro is extremely lightweight. You do not need to worry about the plugin affecting the space and speed of your website.

Essential Content Types

Responsive Design

Pentatonic Pro comes with a responsive design and makes sure your site works perfectly across all screen sizes, even on mobile and tablet devices.

Essential Widgets Pro

Incredible Support

Our incredible support team provides extensive support documentation for Pentatonic Pro . Post your technical issues in our official "Support" forum.

Color Schemes

Zero Coding Required

Pentatonic Pro requires zero coding knowledge to reach high-end of designs and build a unique website with easy customization.

Section Sorter

WordPress Standard Codes

Our Code is secure and optimized. With proper data validation and sanitization, we follow core theme guidelines and provide clean coding.

Grid Portfolio

Regular Updates

We thrive to stay updated and release Pentatonic Pro updates as things change in WordPress. Get new features with each plugin update.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We make sure our customers are fully satisfied with Pentatonic Pro and meet their expectations. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are entitled to our 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. No risks, Buy with Confidence!

Incredible Support

Features that will blow your mind.